Maths Worksheet for Grade 3 : Exercise -1

Maths worksheet for grade 3

Mathematics is very important subject for the mental development of the children. Here we have prepared a maths worksheet for grade 3 students. This is a descriptive maths worksheet based on addition sums. Descriptive Maths questions improve students power of understanding. Lets see the maths worksheet for grade 3 students.

Exercise -1: Maths Worksheet for grade 3

Q. 1: Raman has five rupees in his pocket. Surabhi has 10 rupees in his pocket. How many rupees do they have altogether?

Q. 2: Sunidhi has 20 toys. His brother has 35 toys. How may toys do they have altogether?

Q. 3: Ram bought 10 kg Aata, 5 kg rice, 2 kg suger and 2 kg pulses from grocery shop? What is the total weight of the grocery items that he bought?

Q. 4: In the school library, there are 60 books in English language and 98 books in Hindi language. How many books are total in the library?

Q. 5: Shalini baked 76 cakes. Sunita baked 83 cakes and Sunil baked 98 cakes. How many cakes they baked altogether?

Q. 6: Suhana has 650 crayons. Ashima has 375 crayons. How many crayons they have altogether?

Q. 7: An archer has 689 bows. He purchased 523 bows more. How many bows archer has now?

Q. 8: Shreya likes eating fruits. She bought 20 apples, 35 pomegranate, 24 bananas and  10 kiwifruit. How many fruits she total bought?

Q. 9: There are 95 students in grade 1, 75 students in grade 2 and 85 students in grade 3. How many students are total in the school combining all three classes.

Q. 10: Class 3 is divided into three sections A, B and C. Section A has 45 students, section B has 44 students and section C has 45 students. Total how many students are there in class 3?

The above exercise 1 of maths worksheet for class 3 has total 10 questions. These questions are descriptive in nature. Solving these types of descriptive questions by class 3 students improves the understanding of the students.

Exercise -1: Maths worksheet for class 3 pdf

Below is image format of the above Maths worksheet for class 3. You can download as pdf or print this maths worksheet from here.

Maths Worksheet for Grade 3 : Exercise -1

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