Jumbled sentences worksheet with answer

Worksheets based on jumbled sentences helps children to the understand the meaning of a sentence and learn the framing of proper sentence. Here is jumbled sentences worksheet for class 2, 3 and 4 with its answer. Answer of this jumbled sentences worksheet is given below after these jumbled sentences.

Rearrange the jumbled words and make a meaningful sentence.

Jumbled sentences worksheet

1) going school to am I

2) food eating I am

3) hot is It very today

4) king fruits of Mango is

5) lives in aquarium Fish

6) us energy Food gives

7) interesting mathematics subject is

8) pray I eating food before

9) capital is New Delhi India of

10) am 8 I years old

11) green Cow eats grass

12) Wild jungle live animals in

13) playing park in are Children the

14) Seema four chocolates has

15) My mother food cooks me for

Re-arrange the above 15 jumbled sentences to correct the sentences. By properly re-arranging the words students get meaningful sentences. This will help students to understand the meaning of sentence because without understanding the meaning they can not correct the sentence. Thus this will strengthen the power of understanding. This jumbled sentence worksheet is basically for grade 2, grade 3 and grade 4 students. Below are corrected form of these jumbled sentence.


Corrected Sentences after re-arranging the words.

1) I am going to school.

2) I am eating food.

3) It is very hot today.

4) Mango is king of fruits.

5) Fish lives in aquarium.

6) Food gives us energy.

7) Mathematics is interesting subject.

8) I pray before eating food.

9) New Delhi is capital of India

10) I am 8 years old.

11) Cow eats green grass.

12) Wild animals live in jungle.

13) Children are playing in the park.

14) Seema has four chocolates.

15) My mother cooks food for me.

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This jumbled sentences worksheet is first exercise on jumbled sentences and so it is very easy also. A series of jumbled sentences exercise are here for students so that they can strengthen their understanding towards sentence framing. Jumbled sentences worksheet with answer and other jumbled sentences for grade 2 worksheets, jumbled sentence worksheets for grade 3 students, jumbled sentence worksheets for grade 4 students, jumbled sentence worksheets for grade 5 students are available here for the students. So that they can understanding the techniques for re-arranging the jumbled sentences.

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