English Worksheet - 1 | English Worksheet for Grade 3 and 4 Students

Here is English worksheet 1 which is very useful for the students of Grade 3 and 4. This English Worksheet has been designed using the best question of English  which will improve understanding of English of Class 3 and 4 Students. Lets see English Worksheet.

English Worksheet for Class 3 and Class 4 Students

Below is  Printable English Worksheet which you can download and print easily.

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English Worksheet 1 Answer

The answer for the above worksheet is given below you can check your progress here.

Q 1: Write words that rhyme with the word given below

a) Day  - Play

b) Bed  - Head

c) Out  -  About

d) Sheep - Weep

e) Trees  - Bees

Q 2: Fill in the blanks according to the example given below

a) Lovely              Lovelier            Loveliest

b) Good                Better                 Best

c) Tiny                  Timer                 Tiniest

d) Small                Smaller             Smallest

Q 3: Write four words that ends with ing

a) Morning

b) Chirping

c) Blowing

d) Buzzing

Q 4: Combine these sentences using ‘and’ or ‘but’

a) Satvik ran fast. Mohit ran slowly 

        Satvik ran fast but Mohit ran slowly.

b) The street is wide. It is clean

        The street is wide and clean.

c) Vivaan plays badminton. He also plays cricket

        Vivaan plays badminton and cricket.

d) She ran fast. She could not catch the Train

        She ran fast but could not catch the train.

Q 5: Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs from the box

        Runs   rises   drinks   play 

a: Dishita runs very fast

b: The sun rises in the east

c: He drinks juice in the morning

d: Children play in the park

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