Interrogative Sentences Worksheet

Interrogative sentences worksheet

This worksheet is based on interrogative sentences. As you already learnt about sentences and types of sentences, this interrogative sentences worksheet will help students to check their knowledge about interrogative sentences. Lets see Interrogative sentences worksheet.

Interrogative Sentences Worksheet - 1

Some statements are given in the worksheet. Write suitable interrogative sentences for these statements.

Interrogative Sentences Worksheet, english homework, english worksheet
Interrogative Sentences Worksheet

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Interrogative sentences worksheet 1 answer

1. What did Fatima buy from the market?

    Fatima bought apples and bananas from the market.

2. Where is Gaurav going?

    Gaurav is going to school.

3. How do you go to school?

    I go to school by bus.

4. Who teaches you English?

    Miss Iva teaches us English.

5. When is your birthday?

    My birthday is on 19 July.

6. Why did Sana not go for the class picnic?

    Sana did not go for the class picnic because she was not well.

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Interrogative Sentences Worksheets, English worksheets, homeworks 

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