Types of Sentences or kinds of sentences

In this article we will learn about types of sentences. In the earlier article we learnt about what is sentence. Now we will learn about types of sentences.

Types of Sentences

As we already know that a sentence is a group of words that makes a complete sense. There are four types of sentences. It can be classified into these four types; 

  • Declarative sentence or statement
  • Interrogative sentence or a question
  • Imperative sentence
  • Exclamatory sentence

Declarative sentence or statement

A sentence that gives us information or tell us something is a declarative sentence or a statement. Declarative sentence ends with a full stop.

Example of declarative sentence

  • The grocery shop opens at 9 o'clock.
  • I like to paint.

Interrogative sentence or a question

A sentence that asks something is called interrogative sentence or a question. Interrogative sentence always ends with question mark.

Example of interrogative sentence

  • Who rang the doorbell?
  • When will you come here?

Imperative sentence

A sentence that gives an order, an instruction, or makes a request is an imperative sentence. Imperative sentence ends with full stop.

Examples of imperative sentence

  • Finish your breakfast.
  • Please water the plants.

Exclamatory sentence

A sentence that expresses a strong feeling of surprise, pity, wonder, joy or shock is called an exclamatory sentence. Exclamatory sentence ends with exclamatory mark (!).

Examples of exclamatory sentence

  • How pretty the rainbow looks!
  • What an exciting match that was!

In addition to the above four types of sentences there is interjections. Let's see this.


Sometimes, words like wow or ouch are used to express a sudden feeling or emotion. Such words are called interjections.

Examples of interjections 

  • Wow! The museum is amazing.
  • Ouch! I have hurt my foot.
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Types of Sentences or kinds of sentences

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