Interjections Worksheets | Interjection Exercises with answers PDF

 Interjections Worksheets

We already learnt about interjections in types of sentences. Here is printable worksheet based on the interjections. By practicing this interjections worksheets, students will learn about interjections.

Interjections Worksheets | Interjection Exercises with answers PDF, interjection exercises with answers

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Interjection exercises with answers

  1. Alas! Rohan lost the race.
  2. Bravo! Your performance was amazing.
  3. Phew! I caught the train just in time.
  4. Ouch! You stepped on my foot.
  5. Yummy! The kheer that Mama made is delicious.
  6. Yippee! The roller coaster ride was so much fun.
  7. Hurray! Santa Claus is here.
  8. Yay! It has stopped raining. Let's go out and have some fun.

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