English Worksheet (Fill in the blanks) Exercise - 5

This English worksheet is based on the fill in blanks with given word to make sentence meaningful. This English worksheet is good for Class 2 and Class 3 Students. Let's do it.

Below some words are given. Choose the correct word to make the sentence meaningful.

(sharing, eating, riding, going, studying, returning)

Fill in the blanks.

1. _____________  breakfast.

2. _____________  a bicycle.

3. _____________ to school.

4. _____________ from school.

5. _____________ with friends.

6. _____________ in class.

Choose the correct word from the above given words and fill the same in blanks so that sentence make a sense.

Below, the correct words have been filled for your help.

1. Eating breakfast.

2. Riding a bicycle.

3. Going to school.

4. Returning from school.

5. Sharing with friends.

6. Studying in class.

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