My School Essay in English #Essay on My School

Essay writing is a very creative activity for the young students. Writing essay, opens the way for the students to weave their thoughts into words and show their expression openly. My school essay in english is one of the most common topic for the young learners. Writing essay on my school will also help students to develop their mental ability and look around all aspects of the schools.

Here are 10 lines on my school for the young learners. This type of activity engage students to learn new things around us and thus, today students will learn to write 'My school essay in English'.

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My School Essay

  • My school Name is Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • It has a very big and spacious building.
  • I go to school to study and we also learn good manners here.
  • My school has many classrooms, Principal's room and teacher's room.
  • My school has a big auditorium where we assemble for payer everyday.
  • There is big playground in my school where I play with my friends.
  • My school has a computer lab where we learn computer.
  • My school has a library where we read interesting books for children.
  • My school teachers are very caring and affectionate towards students.
  • I love to go to school everyday and learn new things daily.

Writing essay on my school is one of fun filled topic for the young students. My school essay topic makes student to explore many new things around the school and thus develop their mental ability also.

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