English Worksheet 5 | English Worksheet for Grade 4

English Worksheet 5 | English Worksheet for Grade 4

In the series of English Worksheets for Class 4 Students, here is English Worksheet 5. This English Worksheet for Grade 4 Students consist objective questions based on English Grammar and comprehension which is very helpful for Grade 4 Students.

English Worksheet for Grade 4

Below is printable format of Exercise 5 of English Worksheet for Class 4 Students. You can download and print this English Worksheet from here. The answer of this worksheet is also given below the worksheet which you can check to evaluate your learning. 

English Worksheet - 5

English Worksheet 5 | English Worksheet for Grade 4

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Answer for English Worksheet 5

Answer of above English Worksheet 5 is given below:


Q1) Fill in the blanks with words opposite in meaning to the words which are encircled.

a) The night are cold but the days are hot.

b) Swati is polite but Neetu is very rude.

c) I love eating fruits but I hate vegetables.

d) Fox is a clever animal but donkey is a foolish animal.

e) The rock is rough but the floor is smooth.

Q2) Make opposites of the words given below by adding the prefixes ‘un’ , ‘im’ or ‘dis’ .

a)    Continue → Discontinue

b)    Fair        →   Unfair

c)    Obey       Disobey

d)    Pure         → Impure 

e)    Lock        → Unlock

f)     Perfect     → Imperfect

Q3) Make sentences using the below given words. 

a) London I went to London last week.

b) Hot Tea is very hot.

c) Birds Birds make their nests in trees.

d) India I love my India.

e) Sunday Sunday is a holiday.

Q4) Read the given passage and answer the following questions.

  Raj Kumar the magician was returning home, when all of a sudden it began to rain. It rained heavily. Raj Kumar looked around for shelter and saw a pretty cat. He ran towards in as foot as he could.

a) Where was the magician going ? 

Ans- The magician was going to home.

b) What did he see ?

Ans- He saw a pretty cat.

c) Find opposite of slow from the above passage ?

Ans- Fast.

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