English Worksheet Exercise - 4

This English Worksheet Exercise 4 is based on the sentence framing. Here students have lean and understand to arrange the words in a proper manner to frame a meaningful sentence. This english worksheet is for grade 2 english worksheets, grade 3 english worksheets, grade 4 english worksheets

Students follow basic rule of sentence; A sentence always begin with a capital letter.

English worksheet Exercise - 4

Re-arrange the following group of words in their proper order to make a meaningful sentence.

1. children in the are park the

2. city big is Delhi a


3. flower is beautiful rose the a 


4. milk us the cow gives


5. best Sunidhi friend is my


6. water live fish in


7. doctor medicine us the gives


8. milking the milkman is the cow


9. very is my pretty umbrella


10. black has the stripes tiger


Candidates re-arrange the above words of every sentence to make a meaningful sentence. By this english worksheet which is useful for grade 2 english worksheetsgrade 3 english worksheetsgrade 4 english worksheets students will lean how to make a meaningful sentence. Answer of this English worksheet is given below for the help of the students.


1. The children are in the park.
2. Delhi is a big city.

3. The rose is a beautiful flower.

4. The cow gives us milk

5. Sunidhi is my best friend.

6. Fish live in water.

7. The doctor gives us medicine.

8. The milkman is milking the cow.

9. My umbrella is very pretty.

10. Tiger has the black stripe.

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