10 Lines on Computer in English for Students

A computer is an electronic machine which receives command and process the same then display the results. Computer has made the human work very easy and fast. In now days computer has become the need of every human to achieve his goal easily.

10 Lines on Computer

1) Computer is an electronic device which made our work very easy and fast.

2) It uses commands of users and after processing displays the results.

3) CPU, Storage Device, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse are basic parts of Computer.

4) We gives command to computer through input device and receives results for output devices.

5) Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick are examples of input devices and Monitor is an example of output device.

6) Central Process Unit (CPU) is called mind of computer because it performs basic arithmetic, logic, input/ output operations specified by the instruction of the program.

7) RAM and ROM are basic storage device of computer.

8) System Software and Application Software are necessary software of any computer to perform work.

9) Charles Babbage designated the concept of digital programmable computer thus he is called father of Computer. 

10) Now days computer is used in all the sector like Home, Hospital, Offices, Schools etc.

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Few Lines about Computer

1) Computer is best device that human has developed.

2) Computer made human work very fast and easy and filled it with joy.

3) Watching video, listening music, sending emails, recording sound and video all are possible by computer.

4) We can play thousands of game on computer to entertain ourselves.

5) Computer made it possible to store all records electronically for lifetime without any loss.

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10 Lines on Computer for Students, 10 Lines Essay on Computer, Few Lines about Computer

Computer Essay 10 Lines

1) The word Computer derived from 'Computare' which means 'to calculate'.

2) Analog, Digital and Hybrid are types of computer.

3) Hardware and Software are two basic components of a computer.

4) Hardware are physical items of a computer like keyboard, mouse, monitor etc.

5) Software is a set of instruction on which computer works which is already installed in a computer.

6) RAM and ROM (Read Only Memory)  are primary memory of computer. 

7) Random Access Memory (RAM) is volatile memory of computer which works after switching on the computer and helps in starting the computer.

8) Basically there are two types of software in computer i.e. System Software or Operation Software and Application Software.

9) Today computer are used in almost every filed like school, office, station, hospital, industries.

10) World has become somehow dependent on computer in every field of progress and invention.

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