Singular and Plural Noun

Before learning singular and plural noun it is important to know the meaning of noun. Then we will learn to form singular and plural noun. Initially exercise based on singular and plural noun are given change the form of these singular noun to plural noun.

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Exercise based on Singular and Plural Noun:

A) Change form of Noun Plural by adding 's' to the Singular form

   Singular           Plural

1)  Boy          -      Boys

2)  Bird         -       ______

3)  Ship         -       ______

4)  Pencil      -       ______

5)  Girl         -       ______

6)  Cow        -       ______

7)  Tree         -       ______

8)  Book       -        ______

9)  Desk        -       ______

10) Film        -       ______


In simple language, Noun is a name of person, place or thing. For example Ram, Ritu, Mathura, Pen, Paper etc. are nouns.

There are two kinds of number of noun.

1) Singular Number Noun
2) Plural Number Noun

Singular Number Noun:

A noun that denotes one person or thing is call singular number noun

Singular Noun Example ; boy, girl, bird, book, man etc.

Plural Number Noun:

A noun that denotes more than one person or thing is called Plural Number Noun

Plural Noun Example ; Boys, girls, men, books etc.

How to change form of Noun: Singular to Plural

There are some rules to change the form of noun from singular noun to plural noun. The above exercise is based on the rule "changing singular noun to plural noun by adding 's' in singular form"

Generally, the Plural form of  nouns are formed by adding 's' to the singular form.

For example: 

boy - boys

bird - birds

ship - ships

pencil - pencils

girl - girls

cow - cows

desk - desks

book - books

film - films

tree - trees

But, there are some other rules also for changing the singular nouns into plural nouns. We will learn them in next exercise of singular and plural noun.

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