Means of Transport: Land Transport, Water Transport and Air Transport

We travel from one place to another by different means of transport to complete our routine as well as special work. We go from one place to another in nearby by on foot, using bicycle etc. We use a moter cycle, a car, taxi, metro for long distance in a city. These are local mode of transport. We go from one city to another by bus or by train etc. These are also means of transport that connect us from one city to another. We use boat or steamer to crass a river. These are means of transport through water or water transport. And we also use aeroplane or helicopter to reach a place very quickly these are also means of transport.

Means of Transport:

Means of Transport or mode of transport is a term used to distinguish between various ways of transportation or transportation of people or goods. The different modes of transports are land transport, water transport and air transport which includes Rail or Railways, Road and off-road means of transports.

Types of Means of Transport:

Means of transport basically classified in following three categories.

  1. Land Transport
  2. Water Transport
  3. Air Transport

1. Land Transport

Land Transport covers all those means of transport that move on land. These land based transportation system provide for the movement of people, goods and services. Train, Bus, Scooter, car etc are means of land transport.

Means of Transport - Road Transport

2. Water Transport

Those means of transport that move on water are called Means of water transport. Boat, Steamer, ship or sailboat, barge etc. are means of water transport.

Means of Transport - Water Transport - Steamer

3. Air Transport

We go from one country to another country or from one city to another city fastly by Air Transport. Air transport is fastest means of transport. Aeroplane, helicoper, jet aircraft etc. are means of Air Transport.

Means of Transport - Air Transport - Aeroplane

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Q.1: Write names of five means of Road Transport.

Q.2: Fastest means of Transport ?

Q.3: Write names of four means of Water Transport.

Q.4:  Write names of four means of Air Transport.

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